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28 Feb 2023
Fotografo matrimonio lago di Garda

Inspiration Wedding ∙ Villa Pellegrini Cipolla

A little sneak peek of our photo shoot at stunning Villa Pellegrini Cipolla. A wedding venue we really love. For its ancient and prestigious charm, his beautiful garden…

20 Feb 2023
Fotografo matrimonio Villa Cariola

Alessia & Francesco ∙ Wedding Photography

Located in the heart of the Garda area this beautiful Venetian Villa is a unique location for a romantic and exclusive wedding in Italy.

02 Jan 2023

Matilde & Alberto ∙ Wedding Photography

Matilde & Alberto got married at the parish church of San Giovanni Battista, one of the most photographed spots of Cavaion Veronese..

30 Jul 2019
Wedding photographer Verona

Ilaria & Giacomo ∙ Wedding Photography

Wedding reportage in Valpolicella – Main Venue : Ristorante ai Pigni de Cerù -Wedding Photographer: Erica Tonolli

26 Jul 2019
Fotografo matrimonio Villa dei Mulini

Alba & Paolo | Wedding Photography

Ceremony venue: Borghetto sul Mincio – Main Venue: Villa dei Mulini – Volta Mantovana – Wedding Photographer: Erica Tonolli

17 Jul 2019
Servizio fotografico matrimonio Villa dei Mulini

Sveva & Roberto ∙ Wedding Reportage

Ceremony venue: Agrirelais Villa dei Mulini, Volta Mantovana

Wedding Photographer: Erica Tonolli – ErreA Photography

26 Jun 2019

Megan & Chris ∙ Wedding Photography

Ceremony venue: Villa San Bonifacio, San Pietro in Cariano
Wedding Photographhy and Videography: Erica Tonolli – ErreA Photography

21 May 2019
Fotografo matrimonio Rovigo Verona

Daniela & Sean ∙ Wedding photography

Daniela and Sean came from Paris and decided to celebrate their marriage with their parents and friends in Rovigo. The main venue was Restaurant La Montanella..

27 Apr 2019
Servizio fotografico matrimonio Chervò Golf Club Brescia

Francesca & Andrea ∙ Wedding Photography

Ceremony venue: S.Lorenzo Martire, Pozzolengo Main Venue: Chervò Golf Club San Vigilio

24 Jan 2018

2017 LUX Global Excellence Award

Really happy to announce that LUX UK Magazine has awarded ErreA Photography in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards. Thank you all for the support! And thanks LUX for the Award and acknowledgement!

15 Aug 2017
Fotografo matrimonio Trento Rovereto

Tania & Francesco ∙ Wedding Photography

Tania and Francesco had a very romantic ceremony in Rovereto and chose to have their reception at Antico Fenilon,  an impressive rustic building of 1600..

12 Jul 2017
Fotografo matrimonio Verona

Manuela&Roberto ∙ Wedding Photography

Manuela and Roberto celebrated their wedding in Avesa, a beautiful town situated on the hills around Verona..